Mileburn Christmas Tree Farm
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about the Christmas Tree Farm

It all started when Jackie Scott spotted an advert in a farming supplement looking for Christmas tree growers, he thought it had a lot of potential and decided to give it a go!

Since then Jackie and his family have never looked back. The trees they grow range from a few months old to 15 years and are lovingly tended by the family. A flock of Shropshire ewes also work hard keeping the grass and weeds at bay, trampling the brambles and grazing the forest floor below the Christmas trees.

This organic form of land management means that there is minimal use of herbicides and sprays and is very environmentally friendly. Looking after the trees is an all year round job which the whole family gets involved in including shearing and pruning the trees.

Visitors to the Christmas tree farm can choose their own tree while it is still growing and can have it harvested there and then or later at your convenience.


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